The town of Sola is located on the southwest coast of Norway, close to the city of Stavanger. Sola Choir was founded in Oct 1987.
The Norwegian name Sola Kammerkor literally means Sola Chamber Choir, however the choir has always been versatile and performed
many musical styles.
In addition to large choral works, Sola choir has developed a large jazz and swing repertoire, and regularly performs popular and
traditional folk songs, the latter from Norway, Sweden, England, Scotland and Ireland.
We have given performances in very diverse settings; churches, concert halls, museums, shopping centres, and private parties.
In addition the choir has regularly travelled abroad; to Scotland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Spain, and now to Bath in England 29th Nov-2nd Dec 2012.

The choir has participated in several special events. In 2007, the choir entered the Prague International Choral Competition
and were awarded Silver medal in the Folksong category.
The preceding year, the choir performed together with professional singers and dancers in a “Musical Highlights” show.
The 1997 cabarat show “Brisling I Stim”  was a celebration of nearby Stavanger’s history associated with the fishing and
canning industry and transition since the mid 1970’s to the Oil Capital in Norway.

Sola choir has c. 35 members, with ages 25-60, and arranged in to the four treble, alto, tenor and bass vocal parts.
We rehearse regularly every Monday at the Sola Culture House